Camping in Manning Park

Back in June, Jan and I braved the DiscoverCamping website crash and managed to book a campsite at Manning Park. We knew it would still be cold up at elevation but were both going a little stir crazy at home! A BC getaway (in nature! Socially distanced by default!) sounded perfect.

We packed up an Evo on a Friday evening and drove out to the park. We usually stop for a snack in Chilliwack when we make this drive, and arrived around 8 PM, with just enough daylight left to set up camp and heat up some dinner. Previously, we’ve stayed at the Lightning Lake campground, but it was still closed for the season in early June and so we chose Mule Deer instead. It was great, too! I think the campsites at LL are a little further apart/secluded, but no complaints.

It was a bit of a drizzly weekend, but really that just meant that there were fewer people around! We weren’t sure if the campsite wasn’t full because it was at reduced capacity for COVID, or if people hadn’t turned up because of the cooler weather. Either way, it was beautiful and quiet.

We woke up on Saturday and had a slow morning- I love sipping coffee and looking at the misty layers of evergreen trees… there is just something so west coast and wild about it.

We eventually popped over to the park visitor’s centre, a few km away, and picked up firewood. From there, we headed out on a hike up Frosty Mountain. We only saw one other small group of hikers. At one point, Jan was ahead of me and I heard heavy footsteps. I thought he’d tripped, and started to rush over, when he put out his hand to stop me. Two large deer were on the trail! It was beautiful to see them in their element and so up close. They scampered off pretty quickly, but I made sure to keep the bear spray close just in case :- ).

As it turns out, Frosty Mountain is aptly named and there was still snow above 1700m or so. We had our ten essentials but weren’t optimally prepared for snow in the alpine, so we decided to turn around there. The views were still amazing!

On Sunday it was truly raining and so we packed up to head home and got breakfast in Hope. I’d love to keep Manning as an annual tradition (last year we camped there on the way to Kelowna). It’s definitely my favourite BC park! Maybe I’ll do a post about car camping- this year I finally feel like I had my system dialled in! We upgraded some of our camping gear and were both 100% comfy and warm.

Have you been exploring close to home at all? xo

PS- we had initially planned to be camping again mid July, but plan to cancel because Zoey hasn’t had all her shots yet. Any doggie camping tips would be very much appreciated! We hope to get out lots next year.

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