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A New Addition

Yikes! I didn’t mean to go into total radio silence around here! The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind- the office is usually a little less staffed as docs take summer vacation, so I was quite busy the week after Jan’s ceremony. Then, last week, we got this happy update…

Meet Zoey! She is a golden retriever puppy, now just 8.5 weeks old. She definitely keeps us on our toes but so far is a bundle of cuddles. She weighs 6.1kg, loves pulling out grass, snoozing, her squeaky duck, and chewing anything we let her.

I’ll back up- we’ve been talking about getting a dog for a while… at least a few years. Generally I would bring it up, and Jan was on board for “someday” but usually had a list of (really good) reasons why the timing wasn’t right, mostly related to work and how much time we both spent away from home.

But then, COVID happened and suddenly we were both at home a lot. I started looking around for breeders, but most of them had wait lists over a year long! We needed a shorter runway. Lo and behold, one morning I was up really early and googling around for breeders again. I landed on a link to a Kijiji post about a litter of goldens! I sent a message right away, and followed up the next day with a phone call. That call was a Wednesday- June 24th.

The breeder, Henny, and her husband live on a farm in Chilliwack and usually breed one litter per year. She told me that if we could come on Saturday, we could take a dog home! I quickly checked with Jan and then we both frantically started researching what we’d need (not much, really!). We pulled up bright and early on Saturday (which meant a 5 AM wakeup!) and came around the corner to see a beautiful property. When I opened the door to the car, a big golden came trotting over to say hi- turns out that was Zoey’s mum! Henny took us into a small barn, where nine puppies were waiting! We knew we were getting a female, so she started handing us all the girl pups. Suddenly we were each holding two puppies, with more running around! Honestly they were all adorable but Zoey snuggled right into my neck so I knew we were taking her home.

She really hated the car, so we stopped a few times on the way home to give her a break. Since then, she’s met lots of friends and neighbours out in the yard, plus all her new family over Face Time. She’s really good at letting us know when she needs to go out and is working on her sleeping through the night.

So! Any tips?! She is starting to learn her name and we are using redirection and bite inhibition to keep her from chewing things we don’t want (shoes, furniture, us). She’s practicing walking on a short leash, and learning to share resources (a common problem for goldens). As soon as she’s had her next set of shots, we’ll take her to the dog park and puppy class for even more socialization. She’s a total floof and we love her already.


  • Thuis Nieuwpoort
    July 2, 2020 at 4:13 am

    We love her so much, hope to meet her next year

  • Patricia Brochu
    July 2, 2020 at 11:27 am

    She is absolutely adorable and full of unconditional love. Have fun and 😉 enjoy!!!!


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