May Picks – Tried and Loved

Now that we’re officially into June, I thought I’d share some things I enjoyed last month. I’m happy to say that May was ok around here- April was a bit of a roller coaster (COVID. Thirty! Tax season. Spring!) and March was about a million years long, so we were due for a steady month. Here’s what I tried and loved!

Sunday Riley CEO Glow I know I mentioned this in my products post a few weeks back, but it is hands down one of my favourite new things. It’s really only a new bottle of the same thing I was using before, but it fits solidly into the “loved” category. It smells really fresh and wakes me up in the morning when I use it.

Gratitude journaling I set up a gratitude calendar in my bullet journal halfway through the month and just filled in one thing, big or small, that brought me joy each day. It sounds cheesy but it really did bring me back to reflecting on many good things that I would have otherwise glazed over!

Watercolour paints Speaking of reflection, I’ve been trying downtime activities lately that don’t involve a screen, and one thing I’ve really enjoyed is watercolour. I have this book and this set of beginner paints. I already had a couple of small brushes, and I just ordered this set to have a bit more precision. So far I’ve just been painting in a sketchbook that I usually doodle in, but it’s such a nice creative outlet. I can’t wait to take the paints and sketchbook on our camping trip next week! Perfect for slow mornings when everyone is sleeping in.

The half tuck (pictured above) I almost ALWAYS wear my shirts this way- anyone else? Jan usually laughs but it’s semi-put together and the most comfortable, in my opinion!

Reading on my Kindle I go back and forth on this a lot and I think if I had to choose only one option forever I would still prefer physical books, but I have leaned back into the Kindle lately. It’s so portable and so easy to get new books. Currently reading The Flatshare, and next up maybe Beach Read (pending library reopening!).

Early mornings I absolutely adore Spring and Summer in BC. The sun is up super early (today it was 5:11 AM!) and I usually wake up to the bright light sometime around 6. In the winter darkness it takes three alarms and a ton of willpower to be out of bed before 7, but now it’s so nice to just wake up spontaneously and feel refreshed. I usually either get my run in, or read with a tea until breakfast.

Fudgesicles The perfect summer evening treat. (I will also accept McDonald’s vanilla cones but we haven’t had one here this year!)

Heather Robertson’s workout vids on Youtube Since I’ve been mixing up the running and strength workouts, I’ve been trying different at-home options for strength. I love that Heather’s videos have a timer built right in and she does the exercises with you without much talking or extra stuff. I know that if I only have 30 minutes, I can pick a video that’s 30 minutes long and get a good workout. Plus, she usually uses minimal equipment and doesn’t repeat exercises, so I stay engaged. No wonder she has 600,000 subscribers!

My lululemon hoodie Technically this is something I’ve loved for a long time, but May was the month that I actually wore a hole into it! I’ve had this sweater for at least 4 or 5 years and I wear it all the time, so it seems like I should give it some love here. I have the navy blue and love everything about it, and I’ve been debating whether to patch the elbow, get a new one, or do both! Maybe another colour? I like the light grey and black options.

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