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Movie Reviews (Or, Using Screen Time to Distract Myself from a Pandemic)

Since COVID took off and we’ve developed a new Friday night routine- after I get home from the office and scrub every inch of my bod, I change into sweats. While I’m showering, Jan orders takeout, and then we eat and watch a movie. It’s a total vacation from cooking, working, and wearing things with buttons, AND it’s a stay-up-late free pass. Here’s what we’ve watched so far!

Extraction Action movie about rescuing the kidnapped son of a rival drug gang. Set in India and Bangladesh, of course starring a white American. There wasn’t a ton of plot and it was very violent (I needed to go for a walk afterwards), so this one really wasn’t my favourite. Generously, 5/10.

The Half of It I really liked this movie about a Chinese teenager in small town America. Lots of humour, plot twists, and an overall sweet movie with some very major themes (first love, coming of age). Would definitely watch again. 8.5/10

Always Be My Maybe Two childhood best friends are reunited in San Francisco after having grown apart for several years. Stars Ali Wong, who I generally think of as a funny feminist. The movie was predictable, but cute and there were lots of funny parts. 7.5/10.

Someone Great A woman finds herself dealing with her first big career move and the ending of her first serious breakup. I think everyone can relate to something in this movie on some level. Plus, I loved seeing women supporting each other no matter what. 7.5/10

Molly’s Game This was one of Jan’s picks, and I didn’t have huge expectations going in, but it was great! It’s based on the true story of Molly Bloom, ex-Olympic skier who finds herself running hugely high stakes poker games. When she gets tangled up in the Russian Mafia, she has to convince a lawyer that she’s actually a good person. 8.5/10

Booksmart Two teenagers realize they’re about to graduate high school without ever having done anything really bad. Another movie with really strong female friendship, and some pretty funny moments. Somewhat predictable but easy to watch- I actually saw it for the first time on the plane to Australia, so this was my second time around. I guess that’s saying something! 7.5/10

Where’d You Go, Bernadette This is based on a book, which I read a few years ago. It’s set in Seattle, and tells the story of Bernadette, a woman who was a famous architect and somehow lost herself along the way. She’s angry and withdrawn and a little agoraphobic, but watching her figure it out is pretty great. Loved Bernadette’s outfits (I’d wear everything!) and the scenery in the movie. 9/10

Late Night Say it with me- Mindy Kaling! I needed a good dose of Mindy in the early COVID days and she delivered. This story about a brown female writer making a name for herself in late night TV was funny and fun and does tackle some big ideas (ageism!). 7/10.

Long Shot I really liked this rom com (we were on a streak of light/funny movies in March). It’s about a nerdy journalist who realizes his childhood crush is running for President. Charlize Theron plays the lead, and she’s funny and I thought her moments of being overwhelmed/tired/excited/nervous were totally believable. 8.5/10.

Brittany Runs a Marathon I really liked this story of a woman who turns things around by taking on the marathon. It reminded me of some of my own running experiences, and there were lots of funny moments. Everyone can be a runner! 8/10.

Have you watched anything good lately? We are running out of ideas over here! We usually watch on one of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Of course, I always have tea, m&m’s and popcorn!

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