Do You Meditate?

Like most of my posts and thoughts lately, this one starts with the start of the pandemic, but also a little bit before. In January, we flew to Sydney for a work trip for J and some sunshine for me. I love vacations, especially warm ones, but I do not love flying.

Anyway, I was looking for ways to get myself through a 16 hour flight (which is particularly bumpy over Hawaii!). I stocked up on books and magazines, some snacks, a blanket scarf, and a ton of water. A few weeks before we left, my colleague mentioned something else I should try- an app!

I’ve never really been someone who gravitates towards meditation or stillness. I like being up and busy. Turns out the seatbelt sign is pretty against that, so I figured I would give technology a try. Since then, I’ve reached for it a few more times (a remedy for what I am calling my COVID crazies- not to downplay the mental health effects of the pandemic, but because I need a way to reframe this state of mind with some humour). At home, I usually reach for the art supplies or head out for a run to calm my nerves, but I thought it could be helpful to bring meditation into my daily routine.

To be honest, the habit hasn’t really stuck, but I do like having something I can reach for and that fills my head with something to focus on that’s not whatever is taking over my brain. I’ve been using the Headspace app, which has daily meditations, in-the-moment tools, and sleep aids. I’ve also heard good things about Calm.

What do you think? Would you try it? Any tips?

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