It’s Friday!

Happy Friday! We had a bit of a busy week and I’ve tried to be off my screens in the evening, so it’s been quiet around these parts! More posts coming next week, promise. In the meantime, here are some fun links from this week! Hope you have a great weekend- it’s a long one here in BC :- )

If you need to get your travel fix, AirBnB has virtual experiences! Here’s a mega-review (NYT). Sometimes we browse real estate in other countries to get a feel for what homes are like around the world! Lately Jan has been showing me around Belgium.

My mom got this top, which I think is super cute with jeans. I do love me some stripes, especially stripes on sale! I also like these, for bopping around the neighbourhood.

My sister has been raving about this crazy contraption, which I am oddly curious to try. This one is less intimidating.

Surprisingly good!

Great news! Takeout is safe (whew).

I indulged in a few paperbacks over the last week, and while I love my Kindle (cheaper books and much easier travel) it’s so great to hold a book.

Based on this, I fed our fiddle leaf fig tree eggshells and coffee this week! We’ll see if it works. I’m thinking of feeding us this.

See you Tuesday! xo

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