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A Great Way to Relax

The other night, I was feeling a little keyed up in general, and found myself looking for a way to relax. I’m not always great at stillness, so I often reach for distractions. I ended up busting out some simple things for a really lovely evening.

I decided to make handmade cards! These ones will be for Mother’s Day (and if you’re one of the Mom’s in question, spoiler alert!). It was so simple- I just needed some nice card stock, magic markers, and a black pen. I actually had a few blank cards in my stash, which I repurposed for this project.

I sketched out a little design in pencil first, then got to work with the markers. I used a combination of my Crayola SuperTips (basic!) and my Tombow brush pens, which are really fun. Once I had all the colours down on paper, I went back and drew in the outlines with black. Add some lettering and voila! Homemade cards! You know the feeling when someone takes the time to write you a really nice card? How great would it be to get a handmade one?

My plan is obviously to send these for Mother’s Day, but you could send handmade cards to anyone during these nutty times. A friend you haven’t seen in a while? Your stir-crazy grandparents! The neighbour whose 7 PM drumming always makes you smile. They don’t have to be fancy. It just feels nice to do something nice.

Do you think you’ll try it? I’d like to keep sending one or two per week! xo

PS- I’m not great at it, but I used this book to learn hand lettering and loved just playing around with it!

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