A Week of Outfits: COVID/Working From Home Edition

Last week I thought it would be fun to document a week of everyday, working from home outfits. I’ve noticed that now, more than ever, I gravitate to the same few pieces, and it’s got me wondering if I’ll ever need a comprehensive wardrobe again! Aside from a few hours of wearing scrubs at work, here’s how things looked.

I stuck with mostly my usual neutral colour palette- this wasn’t planned in advance, it’s just what I grabbed every day for a week!

On Monday I went into the office to see patients, so I was wearing a typical work outfit. I LOVE the lululemon On the Fly Pants. I’ve worn them on an airplane with a cardigan and big scarf, on the weekend with a tee and sneakers, and of course to work with a light sweater. On this day I biked over in my usual tretorns and switched into black flats at the office. Sorry for the blurry selfie- I was in the classic Monday morning rush!


On Tuesday I also had a day at the office, and this is a little more on the casual side but I had a few procedures to do and wanted to be able to move around easily. I’ve been appreciative of the weather cooperating for bike riding to work as well!

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On Wednesday, I worked from home doing telehealth – hence another casual day! I still mostly wear neutral colours so I can easily mix and match things in my closet. I’ve been thinking of adding some brighter colours, but can’t get over how easy it is when things just match!


Thursday was another telehealth-from-home day, and I wanted to continue the “real pants” streak! So I fought the leggings tempation in these flowy white ones. They are wrinkled in this pic after a day of sitting in them, but you get the idea!


On Friday I went back to the clinic to see patients in person and grab paperwork etc. This is a go-to outfit for me. Once again I biked over in sneakers and changed into black flats once I got there.

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Saturday was rainy and to be totally honest I spent a lot of the day in PJ’s! I love these ones. We finally did drag our butts out for a longgg walk and even though it did rain a bit it was really nice to be outside for a few hours.


Andd on Sunday we forgot to get a photo! So here is a candid one that J snapped because he is always doing stuff like that. We mostly cleaned the house, Face Timed with our family, caught up on work and relaxed.


What did you wear last week? I’d love to put together a Spring capsule, similar to the January one. Stay tuned! xo

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