Have a Great Weekend!

We made it to the weekend! I was at the office yesterday, and even though it meant working under a mountain of PPE, it also meant REAL PATIENTS IN PERSON! I also curled my hair, because I was feeling fancy. We stuck with our new Friday routine of ordering local takeout- Craft brewery this week!

Congratulations to Katie, who won the survey giveaway! Stay tuned for an email coming your way today.

Here are some links for your weekend- I hope it’s relaxing!

Ina Garten has a cooking playlist! I’m thinking of making meatballs and sauce this weekend, and if I have extra time, it would be so fun to bust out the pasta machine and make the noodles too!

One of my wonderful patients told me about this funny baby instagram, and now I can’t get enough. The tiny Viking! Also compelling, a local doctor is splicing photos of physicians in their full PPE with their “everyday life” photos.

We watched a great movie last night, and now the soundtrack is on repeat around here.

This week, I stumbled across a book that I read and loved in grade school- and totally forgotten! It was such a fun whoosh back to being 13.

I got this really cozy sweater and joggers (there’s a matching set!) recently, and I’ve been living in it post-work! (FYI I find the joggers fit a little big). Next week I’ll share a week of COVID work outfits :- ).

This quiz (and a bunch of others on the site!) was SO addictive, if you’re looking to stretch your brain!

Finally, some popular posts from this week: Mother’s Day gifts, recent reading, and how to get out of a funk.

I hope you’re doing well! Have a great weekend. xo

Top photo from our trip to Australia a few months ago- feels like a zillion years!

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