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Around the Neighbourhood

I’ve been posting a lot of our neighbourhood’s beautiful cherry blossoms, but I’ve been really loving the windows on our evening walks! I love looking for homes with hearts, signs and rainbows posted- they are such a fun way to boost your neighbours’ spirits. It seems like there are new ones every night. Here are a few of my favourites, if you want to see too!

Once I started looking for the windows, I saw them everywhere.

I really just love the idea of someone at home, wanting to put love and positivity out into the world, cutting out a big red heart and taping it up.

These little white hearts reminded me of bubbles floating away on a breeze.

The trees are also gorgeous, of course!

Can’t you picture someone lovingly painting a rainbow after online school? Melts my heart.

This last one is strung up between two neighbour’s balconies.

These walks, now that the days are a little longer and the air is warmer, are one of my favourite parts of the day. What are your highlights lately? I hope you’re staying well! xo

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