March and April Reading

Well, I didn’t read as much in March, but I was distracted by a global crisis, so I think I’ll take a free pass on that one. Here’s what I did manage to get through these last two months, and what’s coming up next! Now that I’m cycling to work, I’ve lost my usual reading time (I used to read on the bus). I think I’m in a new groove now, so hopefully I’ll cross a few more books off the list in May!

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo I noticed this book getting attention on a few blogs and websites I usually check out for reading recommendations, so I put it on my library hold list back in late 2019. It finally came up in early March, and I was stoked! It tells the story of three women’s relationships, and no details are spared. It’s based on the stories of three real women. I just didn’t find it that well woven together, or really compelling. A few times I wondered if I am enough of a feminist, or maybe the bus to work isn’t the time to dig into a treatise on female sexuality, but in the end I didn’t love it. 4/10.

Followers by Megan Angelo This was a last minute library pick, which I grabbed off the shelf when it became clear libraries were going to be closing for a while. It was a little dystopian, which made it a tough read for March. I finished it in April, and found it picked up as it went along. There were thought-provoking themes (so much of our lives online!) but I thought the characters lacked depth. 6/10

Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner Ok- it was a tough month and I was in a reading slump, so I fell back on an old favourite. I love JW’s fiction. I find her characters relatable and the pace of the books works for me. There’s also a ton of them out there, so I picked up this one for something like $3! This is the first mystery of hers that I’ve read, and it wasn’t what I expected! Slump defeated. 8/10

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles As of publishing this post I’m more than halfway through this book, so I’m adding it to the list even though I don’t know how it ends! I was a little slow to get started but am into it now. I actually love having this one on the Kindle because there have been some highlight-worthy passages and I can look up the tricky vocab ;- ). Based on the first half: 7.5/10. Will post if I need to adjust!

While the library has been closed, you can still check books out via the Libby app. I don’t love reading on my phone (small text! backlight!) so I’ve been doing a combination of downloading onto my Kindle and searching for used copies of books on my list. I love reading physical books, but am a bit reluctant to have to store them after the fact! Plus, the Kindle has been awesome for travel and reading at night, when I want to read for a few minutes while the lights are already out.

My Spring/Summer Reading List (thoughts welcome- overly ambitious right now but will pick and choose based on library status/what I can find! * for priority picks)

Next Year in Havana*
French Exit
How Not to Die Alone
Beach Read*
Chop Suey Nation
A Tale for the Time Being
Boy Swallows Universe
Five Days at Memorial*
Everything is Figureoutable
Help Me!

Modern Love*
Olive Kitteridge*
Here For It
We Wish You Luck
The Flatshare*
My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me: A Memoir*
Little Fires Everywhere
The Light We Lost
Blood, Bones and Butter

I’m also working on updating my goodreads account, in case you need more ideas. (last active in 2015, yikes!) What are you reading? xo

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