How Do You Get Out of a Funk?

Today was kind of weird. It was a little cloudy, a little blustery, and I walked a total of 30 seconds from my bedroom to the kitchen, where I worked all day (yes, lucky to have home/job/warm coffee!). I did ok with concentrating on work, but otherwise I just felt blah. Sometimes this happens to me when the weather changes, but other classic causes are too much sugar, too little water, and not enough exercise or sleep. By the end of the day, I really needed to snap myself out of it.

I do have a couple of “tried and true” ways I’ve learned to break the funk over the years, but I’d love to hear what’s on your list, too!

Go for a walk
In these longer Spring evenings, this is probably my favourite way to get myself feeling better. Just a 30 minute trip through the neighbourhood to look at the cherry blossoms and pet the cat down the street can totally turn me around! (He looks mad, but he loves the cuddles as much as I do)

Stop eating sugar!
I have a huge sweet tooth, so I really have to walk away from the sugar sometimes. To reset, I like having a lighter meal with lots of fresh veggies to help restore both my mood and my metabolism. Lately my go-to is a big bowl with kale, wheat berries, roasted sweet potato, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped peppers, and crumbled feta. I like to sprinkle it with hemp hearts and lots of olive oil and salt. Sometimes I add a seven minute egg for extra staying power. (PS do you know about the blog Dinner, a Love Story? I love it, too).

If it’s early in the day, a run will usually really lift my mood. It’s often harder to get myself out the door, but I feel better when I’m back. I’ve tried a few cardio-HIIT-type workouts instead (there’s a good driveway out back for this), and I just don’t think they work quite as well.

Do something creative
If I can’t (won’t) drag my butt outside, I also like trying to find something creative. Hello writing a blog post! Ideally I’d like to be away from screens, so sometimes I make a handmade card for someone, do some bullet-journaling, or work on a photo album.

Find a physical task
This is sort of similar to the creative tactic, but I also like doing tasks that get me up and moving around. I love a good house project, like cleaning and reorganizing the pantry (I love my label maker and stackable storage system), or a cooking project, like turning BC berries into a year’s worth of jam last year! I keep a list of projects I’d like to tackle/try in my journal.

I sometimes need to trick myself into drinking more, since I don’t really gravitate towards plain water. I did get myself a water bottle I really like, but will also resort to herbal tea, fizzy water, or even just regular hot water in a mug.

Just go to bed early
Sometimes I realize that if I’m fighting through a funk it’s really just fatigue, and I need to get a little extra sleep. No shame in an 8:30 bedtime over here!

Are any of those on your list? What would you add? xo

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