A COVID Day-In-The-Life

On Friday, I decided to (loosely!) record my day- a little for the archives, and also to take a look at how things are different now that we’re in the middle of social distancing. In case you missed it, I’ve shared a little about my usual morning routine here and here. I weirdly love seeing routines and what other people’s days are like- it’s such a tidy snapshot of their life.

0615– up (no alarm!). I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier now that the mornings are getting bright. It’s SO much easier to wake up than it is on the dark December mornings! I really miss meeting up with friends for early morning runs. Since I don’t have plans to do anything super early, I snooze a bit

0630– up for real. Read some emails in bed, which is a habit I’m trying to break, and also check my feedly for any blog posts I want to read. Also scroll instagram (I know, this is all not great). Read a few pages of the novel I have on the go (Goodnight Nobody– I really find Jennifer Weiner’s writing engaging but overall pretty fluffy.. something I needed to get back into a reading routine. But I digress!).

We both head downstairs to have breakfast – I made oatmeal with blueberries and pecans, plus Amazing Grass Greens powder and hemp hearts. Jan is in charge of coffee! We just got a new grinder and some JJBean beans (a joint bday present to us from us!), and we use a french press to make the coffee. I also make my lunch for later in the day.

0730– Run back upstairs, get dressed, skincare. Usually to music courtesy of Jan! We’ve had the Hamilton soundtrack on lately. Since I’m going to the office today I put on real clothes. Run back downstairs, dash around gathering everything (lunch, teabag, nuts, plus computer, charger, notebook). Clean up the kitchen.

0815 Stop procrastinating and bike to the office. It’s actually really quiet on the road and I have a leisurely ride. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. I’ve been riding Jan’s commuter bike to work, which is really comfortable and has non-clip pedals.

0840 At the office. Say hi to staff, check my inbox and labs, sign off on some easy paperwork

0900-1300 patients! More patients! Mostly video and phone calls (4 in person, 13 telehealth). I drink the tea while doing telehealth (so it’s mostly cold, but I don’t really mind).

1300-1400 lunch break! I open up the salad I made this morning with a bunch of odds and ends in the fridge: lettuce, roasted sweet potato cubes, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped celery, chopped carrots, crumbled feta, hard boiled egg, hemp hearts. Drizzled with olive oil a patient made for me (it’s so good) and a generous sprinkle of salt. Does anyone else like room temp salad?? Also eat a few mini eggs that have found their way onto my desk.

I also use the hour to comb through my labs for anything urgent that needs to be addressed same-day and finish charting from the morning patients. A few more bits of paperwork. Look at my email but don’t end up getting to it.

1400-1700 patients! 7 telehealth and 3 more in-person, which includes a couple of IUD insertions, and I am so happy for the procedures to break up the talk-talk-talking I’ve been doing (if you’re a patient- I like talking to you! I just get tired of actually using my voice. And I miss non-screen humans). I also see a cute infant and get some bonus baby smiles. Try my best to chart as I go. Decide I should have brought more snacks. Usually I have a mix of nuts and dried fruit around 4, but no grocery delivery yet this week!

1700-1730 Deal with a few last minute things and then decide that I’m over it and resolve to finish last couple of charts at home. Reflect that it was a fairly straightforward day- is that because everyone is focused on COVID? Are they not coming in/calling for things that need attention? Is it just Spring and warmer and everyone is feeling better without the rain?

1730-1800 Bike home! Think more about my day at work, what I’d like to do for the weekend, whether the hill at the end of my ride will feel as big (yes).

1800 Say hi to J, agree we should order dinner instead of making it, and dash upstairs to shower. (Might have eaten a handful of chocolate chips first). This is a new part of my COVID routine- normally I might change after work, but not necessarily right away. I also don’t usually shower right after work, but since I saw several people in-person I do a full strip down and shower before sitting on the couch or getting too close to Jan.

1900 We’re sitting down to burgers from Lucy’s, delivered by Uber Eats! I was craving some meat, and also had a side salad. We chat for a bit and then watch an episode of Community on Netflix.

1930 We decide to walk off dinner and take a stroll around the neighbourhood, talking more about our days. It was cooler than I expected and I ended up wearing one of my puffies, which Jan laughs at. We stopped to pet the friendly cat that lives down the street- I named him Sherman when we moved in!

2030 We’re back and in for the night. I do a little more work and we both decide to call it. We scroll through Netflix for a bit and decide to watch “Too Hot to Handle” which I’m EMBARRASSED to say is both cringe-worthy and super addictive.

2300 Two episodes later we finally drag our tired butts to bed!

And that’s the day! Somehow the days feel like they go by fast, but we’ve been social distancing for about a million years. I think the biggest changes are that I leave the house later, because my bike ride is so easy with so little traffic, and get home sooner. I also have an easier time charting as I go with two computers set up at work (I don’t mind doing this while on a call, but feel bad typing while I’m in a room with a patient!). How was your Friday? xo

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