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Thirty. Thirty? Thirty!

I had a wonderful thirtieth birthday celebration today! I did a little reflecting over the last decade (which I posted about at New Year’s this year, too!) and thought about some personal goals and ideas for the next ten years. I felt so loved and surrounded by wonderful people today, even from a distance! Of course, Jan was at the centre of it all- he kept busting out surprises! Here’s how we spent the day:

I woke up really early because I was hungry (happens sometimes!) and got up around 5:45 to get a snack (eggo waffle, double toasted, with peanut butter, lest you think I’m suddenly an adult). The kitchen was just as we’d left it last night. I also grabbed a mug of tea and my laptop and went back up to bed. I did a little work before falling back asleep (and, I’ll point out, Jan was still sleeping too). I woke up again around 8, and Jan was also up, so we headed downstairs. BUT this time, there was a big pile of croissants and pastries AND two oat breakfast cookies (my fave) with “3” and “0” candles! Jan made me coffee and sang happy birthday.

My aunt and uncle called then, so we facetimed with them for a bit until another call came in, from our friends Martina and Greg. When I picked up, though, I recognized our front yard! They were outside dropping off a present (all my favourite snacks!) and a HUGE bouquet of roses and lillies. Baby R was in Dad’s arms, super chill as usual, and toddler W said happy birthday through the window! They also made me the cutest card.

As I was walking back into the kitchen, the FaceTime was on again but THIS time it was a trans-continental, trans-Atlantic mega-FaceTime with all my family. They all sang for me again and also we got to catch up and see all the pets (Pokah, Fonz, Winnie and Noodles!).

We hung out for a bit longer in PJ’s (it was a lazy morning, friends) and then went to get my lunch of choice- fancy salads! Field and Social is right by our house and you can’t dine in because of COVID, but you can order on their website and pick up food to go. I got the Macro Bowl and Jan had the Kale Caesar- both delish!!

After lunch we went for a long walk, then had another set of visitors drop by- Alan and Alexis brought fancy chocolates and another hand written card (both high on my list of favourite things), and we chatted with them across the fence for a while.

When I came back inside there was another surprise zoom call- Jan had set up a mega call with lots of different friends, who all popped in and out with their partners/toddlers/alcohol and it was not quite a party but it was definitely the next best thing. Somehow he’d also hidden another secret treat and busted out a mini tiramisu with a candle.

Finally, we FaceTimed my parents again and ordered some dinner. Now for a cozy movie (a rom com!). Big thank you to everyone who made today so great, and especially to J, who makes everyday wonderful but really was the best today. xoxo

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