Have a Good Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? This week was a lot (news to absolutely no one) and I’m looking forward to recharging. I’m thinking of baking another batch of the giant cookies, and we’re going to have some Face Time dates. Here are some things I’ve been looking at/thinking about this week.

NB- there’s lots of medical stuff in this post and as usual, it’s not personalized advice and you should consult with a physician before you apply it to yourself!

For my medical friends: I helped with UBC CPD webinar on Thursday. Previous webinar recordings are available, and so are a large collection of VCH family practice rounds, which I didn’t know existed! Also, Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine has compiled some helpful “bottom line” type summaries of COVID evidence for clinical practice.

I was chatting with my friend Kristina, who is both a wonderful person and a clin epi expert, about making hard decisions in a clinical setting. She suggested this podcast, if you’re interested too. I’m planning to listen while cleaning. Also leaning into the pandemic a bit with my reading, in case that helps me focus: Five Days at Memorial.

Another friend and colleague I admire sent along this practical and compelling video about how to protect yourself from COVID. It’s actually really practical and empowering.

This morning we had a kitchen dance party to Feel, by Robbie Williams (my choice) and La Bamba (Jan’s choice). You can describe our “recently played” list as… eclectic :- )

This makes me look just well-rested enough to get through telemedicine chats.

And speaking of telemedicine, I’m really looking forward to the days when it makes sense to dress up for work again. I love the idea of this skirt for summer (with a simple white tee! I like this one too, for weekends). In the meantime, do I need cashmere joggers?

Are you reading/listening to/wearing anything fun? xo

Top photo from our trip to Joshua Tree last spring- simpler times!

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