Day 12 (Happy Monday)

I took a much needed break from most of the internet this weekend and it definitely helped! We stayed busy with a mix of the usual weekend things, plus a couple of longer walks and a bunch of FaceTime.

I’m starting today with some good things that have come from social distancing:

1. Minimal groceries, no transit, and almost nothing opens means we’re saving a little more money than usual! I’m trying my absolute best not to freak out about the stock market. My sister promised that if I just did nothing I would eventually see “the Nike swoosh”- quickly down but eventually slow and steady back up.

2. I’m learning to cut Jan’s hair! We ordered a pair of scissors and I’ve been watching videos like this one! They’re arriving tomorrow, so maybe I’ll do a before and after on insta. He is learning to make me lattes (oh gosh see above re: saving money!) and yesterday made one in my Dr. Alyssa mug!

3. I’m cooking a lot more. This weekend I ended up making chili and banana bread, plus slow cooked chicken for wraps and a large focaccia. We’ve also really loved having goodfood through the COVID mess. They have been amazing at keeping up with deliveries and have a consistent supply of fresh food, which has allowed us to really avoid the grocery store. Not at all sponsored, but leave a comment or send a note if you’d like me to give you one of our “free meal” codes- you can try them for free! I think we have 3 to use. Also- I’m thinking of sharing recipes like my focaccia and easy pantry meals- would that be interesting/helpful?

4. Work priorities have shifted a little bit. Since the huge push towards telehealth, we’ve put a lot of energy into our clinic’s website, and I love how it’s coming along. I’m also getting some extra time to work on developing my set of patient handouts and flushing out our online resources.

5. We gardened! This is probably more thanks to the sunshine than to COVID, but we got out in the yard for several hours and cut the grass, weeded the flower beds, pruned, and watered everything. I put our planters back out at the front door and am just so happy with how neat and fresh everything looks.

Bonus I can’t believe I almost forgot to include this, but after multiple website crashes, an hour on hold and some storage re-arranging, we got ourselves an IKEA home office! If all goes well a desk, chair and lamp will be delivered today! We’re planning to pick up Jan’s big monitor from his office, and he also has a keyboard and mouse. I am still in the office most days but I’m happy knowing that he has an ergonomic, comfortable, distraction-free place to work. AND no more papers on the kitchen table! Post-COVID we’re planning for the lamp and table to be repurposed. Not too sure about the office chair yet but I’m sure we’ll work it out. Ideas welcome.

And, because now it’s part of the process, in news this weekend (updated 7 AM PST): BC now has 424 cases (10 dead, 6 recovered). Canada is reporting 1471 confirmed and presumed cases (21 dead, 18 recovered). Vancouver’s city council is meeting today to discuss bylaws for fining people not adhering to social distancing. Over the weekend in BC, playgrounds were closed and restaurants have moved to take-out service only. In major news, on Sunday Canada announced that we would not be sending any athletes to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which are currently still set to proceed as scheduled this summer.

OK! Can you tell from the tone of this that I’m feeling a little more centered? Have a great week. Stay home. Wash your hands. Eat healthy food, sleep well, and take good care of your bod. See you tomorrow! xo


  • Rudi
    March 23, 2020 at 11:45 am

    Can you send the recipe of the focaccia 😘

    • Alyssa Heuninck
      March 23, 2020 at 4:17 pm

      on it! xo


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