Quick Five on a Friday

This week has been a strange one. Just thinking from Monday to today it seems like the level of worry around COVID has really intensified. Many people are feeling a psychological and economic hit and I will be so much happier when this is behind us.

1- So far in Vancouver our risk profile remains “low”. Gatherings of more than 250 people are banned, and the public health agencies continue to advocate social distancing, which we are trying to embrace. I was surprised to find my bus route pretty busy this morning, and have been re-thinking public transit a little. Do I bike to work? I might need to figure out a better rain/cold gear setup, but maybe I’ll start that on Monday.

1a- Lots more questions after Wednesday’s post, such as:
– should I be afraid? (No, just concerned and more careful)
– how can I protect myself? (wash your hands, avoid crowds/unnecessary contact, consider postponing travel, eat healthy food and sleep well)
– where can I get screened in Vancouver? (call 8-1-1 for guidance about where and how to get screened based on your symptoms, and see BCCDC site)

2- The clinic is as busy as ever, though people seem more… grateful? Or perhaps warm and aware that I’m also a human. My patients have thanked me for being here for them, and encouraged me to wash my hands and take good care of myself. I can definitely see these warm fuzzies as a silver lining! We are also rapidly working on implementing telemedicine options for our patients, which is a great step.

3- Despite some upsetting news out of Italy (bed/vent shortages, general level of illness and critical care resources) I also loved seeing that people are finding ways to beat the boredom- including balcony concerts <3

4- Is anyone stuck at home? Next week I’m thinking I might share some of our pantry-staple favourites, including the comfort-food soup that makes me feel better every time.

5- I’m off to Victoria tomorrow to see one of my first doctor friends. We’ve been besties since medical school and both need a weekend of being normal. I’m thinking a lazy afternoon, jogs, coffee, and catching up on all things NON virus related. It’s going to be good for the soul.

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