Four Days in Melbourne

We ended our 2020 Australian adventure in Melbourne! It was our first time visiting the city, and it definitely did not disappoint.

Our flight was actually diverted to Brisbane (an hour in the opposite direction!) instead of going straight to Melbourne because of bad weather. Once we finally did land, this nervous flyer was very happy to have a glass of wine and amazing Thai food. We went to Chin Chin, which was around the corner from the hotel we stayed in before heading to the Great Ocean Road.

Back in the city a few days later, we had delicious coffee at Chez Dre– they also had beautiful breads and pastries, but I was really full from breakfast at The Kettle Black!

From there, we walked over to the South Melbourne market, which had tons of cool shops and food stalls. Later that night, we went to the Queen Victoria night market– there’s a hawker style market there on Wednesdays! We didn’t bring cash and tapping was fine at most places, but there were a few that were cash only, in case you decide to go!

We started with prosecco, of course :- )

In Melbourne it was much hotter than it had been in Sydney, and I think we visited every McDonald’s! Their cones are a summer favourite of ours, and they were $0.70 AUD- something like 55 cents!!

On Thursday we decided to check out St. Kilda, a big beach just past south Melbourne. In the elevator down from our hotel we realized we basically had the same outfit on- that’s what you get when I make us both pack in a colour palette!

St. Kilda has a long pier, and if you wait til sunset, you’ll see all the fairy penguins coming home from fishing! This little guy is moulting, so he was out a bit early. We found this so much easier than going to Phillip Island, which is another spot well known for penguin viewing!

On Friday- Valentine’s Day!- we went for a stroll through Melbourne’s lanes, including a stop for yet another latte and cold brew at Market Lane Coffee (delicious). I had picked up a little map with a 2km route when we were at the Queen Vic market, so we decided to follow that! It was a beautiful walk but I needed to duck into a couple of grocery stores to escape the 35 degree heat!

We had pizza that night in North Fitzroy, at a cute little Italian place called Piccolino. Even though we didn’t have a reservation, the sweet Italian host squeezed us in near the door and made us feel welcome. And the pizza was delicious!

It rained a lot that night, and the next morning (our last in Melbourne!) was much cooler. We wandered around South Melbourne for a bit.

After a yummy breakfast at Sally’s Kitchen, which was around the corner from our hotel (Brady Hotel Jones Lane– really kind people and super clean and convenient), we walked around South Melbourne again. We ended up at St. Ali Coffee Roasters, where we decided to order a coffee flight. It was WAY more coffee than we could drink and we both had to laugh.

From there we picked up our bags and headed to the airport, and then had a THANKFULLY! uneventful short trip back to Sydney. We stayed right next to the airport and flew home early the next morning! It was a great mix of everything: city, beach, nature, driving and lots of walking.

Have you been? Would you go? Where should we go next?! I might have some ideas :- )


  • Rudi
    March 4, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    Next stop Belgium 😘😘😘

    • Alyssa Heuninck
      March 5, 2020 at 11:02 am

      Bring on the wafels and dinges! <3


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