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Do You Take Work Home?

In my post yesterday, I briefly mentioned that I checked in with work while on vacation. We’ve had a lot of discussion about it lately (well, pre-vacation) because it tends to be something we both do!

One weekend in the middle of January, though, I looked up around 4 PM on a Saturday and realized we’d both been more or less working all day. We slept in a bit, took breaks and drank coffee, but the main “event” of the day was getting work done. I wish I could say we were in a particularly busy push before our trip, or this was a weird one-off, but in reality it happens a lot.

On the one hand, I don’t really mind. We still hang out and chat while we’re working, plus we get things done, which makes our lives easier in general. We’re both well compensated but have lots of responsibilities, so on some level I accept that these don’t fit into a 9-5, M-F schedule. We also don’t have a ton of other responsibilities… it doesn’t take us that long to clean our house together, we usually have our groceries delivered or pick them up once per week.. you get the idea.

On the other hand, part of me feels frustrated and that I should be spending evenings and weekends doing other things. It’s true that as my work has increased, I’ve done less running, weekend trips, and mountain days– which might be fine! But it also might mean that we’re doing less fun stuff than we could be, and that things could feel more balanced.

Realistically I think we’ll always have some work to do at home. It’s just the nature of working in a hyper-connected environment. I just want to be mindful and make it a choice, and sometimes just put it away.

Do you take work home? How do you balance it?

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