We’re Back

Hello! And sorry for the radio silence all week! We’re back from our vacation down under, and while I thought I’d spend some time in the first few days writing a bunch of posts and getting them scheduled… I just didn’t. Instead I’ll have a couple of vacation-related posts sprinkled over the next few weeks. So, in the spirit of hitting the ground running, here’s what’s up today and this week.

Jet lag- real, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We landed at 7 AM in Vancouver (2AM SYD time) and immediately came home to take a nap. I just couldn’t sleep on the plane!! I forced myself up (J may have had to help with this :- ) around noon, and we tackled all the laundry and put everything away. The rest of the afternoon was spent sorting through work and mail, plus some after-dinner TV. We stayed up til about 10, which was KEY. I slept a full 11 hours until this morning and now feel back on track! I’m also very glad that one of the last things I did before we left was put fresh sheets on the bed- so nice to get into! We definitely needed two days on this end, though- working today would have been much rougher, sleep-wise.

Food- just before falling asleep, I placed an order for same-day grocery delivery for our usual staples. I keep a saved list and just reordered fresh produce, milk, eggs, yogurt, bread, cheese and sliced turkey. I had also scheduled our goodfood delivery for the day of our arrival, so that had us set. I’m very glad I cleaned out the fridge before we left! Last night I baked a loaf of banana bread as well.

Work- I have had a lot of *thoughts* on whether to work on vacation, but checking in on my labs daily (or at most q2 days) really helped on this end. I get upwards of 30-40 labs per day, so over our 17-day trip that is well over 500 results that need to be reviewed/actioned. Of course the locum doctors covering for me reviewed them as well, so my patients would absolutely be looked after when I’m not there, but I still ultimately need to know what’s going on with everyone. In the end I was happy with this approach.

Habits- I journaled most days on vacation, and I really enjoyed it. I also read most days and exercised most days, and if I can keep doing these three things (I tend to be good about exercising, but mostly read on the bus and don’t free-form journal too often) I think it would really contribute to feeling more content in a day.

Email- This is one area that I gave myself BIG permission to step away from on vacation, and I think it was the right call! I’m going to prioritize getting that straightened out next.
After that- I’d like to prep lunches for tomorrow, iron (ugh), fold the last bit of laundry, and clean the house a little (it’s really just dusty from the last few weeks).

Coming up- Lots of busy days ahead! For the rest of February here’s a loose list of what I’d like to do:
– call in most of my complex patients for their full annual review (I prefer to do this v. early in the year so I know what we have to tackle/can be proactive)
– see my own GP for review
– work on some non-clinical work projects, especially getting phone appointments up and running, as well as automating our blood pressure check process! (I know, thrilling :- )
– restock some of our freezer favourites (chili, soup, meatballs, smoothie packs) so that we can easily grab things
– get our documents organized for taxes (more on this in an upcoming post!)
– continue journalling every few days
– finish 2 more books (mainly because I have two more library books to read before they’re due back!)

And, go! See you back here tomorrow! xo

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