Celebrating Love

Valentine’s day is around the corner! Are you celebrating someone special? I like taking the opportunity to tell friends, family, and Jan that I love them! Here are some cute gift ideas if you need inspiration! xo

Your friend, who answers her phone for you at two in the morning
This amazing lip mask, which I swear by all through the winter (and sometimes use as lip gloss!)
A reusable bag in a fun print, for groceries or library books or carrying your indoor shoes to work.
A gift card for a pedicure so you can go together and both laugh about your horrible runner’s feet.

Your parents and sister, who you love even from 5000km away
Easy to mail gifts, like a scented candle (Mom flavour! My Dad is not a fan of scented things, but this would work! :- ), a great book, or a pretty pair of earrings.
This silk scarf, which would look great with jeans or a suit or tied to a bag
Brownies! Dads (everyone!) love brownies. Just bake, freeze, and mail!

The colleague who’s always happy to help with your labs and gives good advice
Fun kids valentines (ooh or these with puns!) and Hershey’s kisses! Because you both get into the chocolate.
An extra headphone dongle because she loves to travel and you can never have too many dongles.
Her favourite coffee beans (or a fun new tea flavour!)

Your sweet husband, who says you look beautiful first thing in the morning and holds your hand on scary plane rides
Photo printer and fridge magnets, so you can put all your favourite moments front and centre. You could also do a fancy album of your wedding photos, or just a single framed shot for your dresser.
Movie tickets for date night!
Lunch notes, for when you sheepishly pack the same lunch for the third day in a row, but you do it lovingly (and, on that note, a new matching lunch kit!)

I hope you have a wonderful week!
Top image via OhJoy Blog. Middle image credit unknown! Send me a note if you know the artist.

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