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My Packing System

We are heading on a trip Down Under soon! Jan is working for a week in Sydney, which means I get to be a lady of leisure for a week, and then we are off to explore Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. I’m sharing my packing tips today- including a printable template you can use for your next adventure!

When I’m packing, I like to follow more or less the same system every time. I start a few weeks before a trip, to give myself lots of time to clean/organize/fill in any gaps. I love filling in my packing list, which I made A5 size to fit into my BuJo!

My first step is to take a look at what I’m planning to do- of course a city trip will be different from a beach vacation or a few days away for work. Next, I take a look at the long range forecast and make a note of weather issues (cold, rain, etc).

Finally, I start pulling things out and trying them on! I don’t do as much trying on if I’m going to a place with the same weather as home, because chances are I’ve worn all the things I’m bringing recently. If I’m going to the opposite climate though (like this trip down under during a Vancouver winter!), I like to put on different outfits and remind myself how they work together. I lay out all the outfits, so I can make sure I’m not missing any elements.

This is key- I try to stick to a colour palette that can be mixed and matched! I want to be able to pull different pieces together easily, similar to building a capsule wardrobe!

If we’re planning on camping or traveling super light, and I know I won’t have a lot of space when I arrive, I pack each outfit in a reusable Ziploc baggie! I write the details on the front and then just pop them in my suitcase or backpack. For regular travel, I usually pack the outfits in my packing cubes, organized by “day”, “night”, “extras” etc. We each have 2 sets of those packing cubes, because I found one wasn’t quite enough to organize everything.

I usually pack a bag (backpack or tote) for the car or airplane last, and I try to keep it as light as possible. I really don’t like digging through piles of stuff! My airplane must-haves are a light sweater, scarf that can do double-duty as a blanket, water bottle, snacks, good book (or 2!), noise-canceling headphones, and phone. For extra long flights I also bring baby wipes and a change of clothes, which feels GREAT to put on when you’ve been in the air for 10+ hours.

Here’s what I’ve planned for our trip! You can download your own fillable list here.

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