Do You Get Manicures?

Usually I like my fingernails pretty plain- as short as comfortable, and either totally bare or with a swipe of Nail Glow, which I swear is like magic (I know- not cheap but it lasts forever! And is really easy to apply). Recently, though, I treated myself to a mani pedi. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax, and it also makes my runner’s feet as pretty as possible! I like that since my hands are busy, I am really forced to sit still and not do something.

So last week I got my nails painted (light pink!). I almost always get a neutral colour if I’m getting nail polish. This time I chose the same one I had for our wedding, OPI “Put it In Neutral“. I also like “Be There in a Prosecco” and “Bubble Bath“.

I like how it turned out, but after a few days I always get the most dry cuticles! I’m not sure why this happens and it only ever seems to be with gel polish. I swear I’ve been moisturizing my hands like crazy (all the Skinfood!) and no dice. For some reason it doesn’t happen on my feet!?

Send help. Or cuticle oil.

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