Five on a Friday

What a week! I am behind on posting because it has been all kinds of busy around here, but you don’t need me to say that for the 18 zillionth time.

1- 2019-nCoV (Coronavirus). This has definitely been on my mind this week as a health care provider, and user of public services like the library and public transit. I have very little public health background, but it feels to me like BC’s response has been relatively tempered so far. Viral testing is available to patients with symptoms AND travel to Wuhan (at least as it stands right now), but I would have thought that with 20 countries reporting cases there would be more concern for travellers in general!

2- My organization system Usually I keep my bullet journal by my side, but over the past week I have found myself keeping more computer-based lists using the Notes app on both my iPhone and Macbook. I like that they integrate with one another, so I can see my to-do list easily. I am also more likely to have my phone in my hand to jot something down, rather than pull out my notebook. We’ll see- I still love having the journal aspect of my BuJo!

3- Caffeine I’m not sure if it’s all in my head, but it feels like the closer I get to 30 (gulp) the more sensitive I am to both caffeine and sugar- and don’t even get me started on wine! Last time I went to the grocery store I stocked up on a few caffeine-free teas, and this week I’ve been having a cup of Chocolatey Chai early in the morning (It’s a strong flavour! Another favourite is Bengal Spice). I might have half a mug of coffee with Jan before work, or a small cup at work, but that’s about it!

4- January goals It’s somehow both hard to believe that it’s the end of January and it feels like it’s been January forever. I’ve been really good about my public transit goal this month, and pretty good about minimal spending (we updated some of Jan’s wardrobe for an upcoming trip!). For a variety of reasons (the first ten of them is rain, rain and more rain!) I have only been on a few runs. Bring on the tabata workouts! Work wise I did look into an admin role (more on that if the position is funded!) in addition to my clinical and teaching work. I also finished 32 complex care plans (out of my 76 eligible patients).

5- The before work date Last week I met a friend for coffee before work, and it was so great! We hung out at Starbucks from 6.30-7.30 and the early bird in me was just thrilled to use this time to catch up. I was totally focused on hanging out, because the usual daily chaos hadn’t unfolded yet! Plus, it got me up and out the door for a walk (with a large umbrella) instead of another garage workout.

Friday Links
Here are a few more things I’ve been reading this week!

I’ve been enjoying Kate Baer’s poetry.
I want to make these cookies! Maybe for valentine’s day :- )
I would love to create a graphic like this for my next capsule wardrobe post but I don’t really know where to start! Is there software that does this?
Slightly TMI but I bought this stuff to try out instead of my usual to wax my legs and it worked SO WELL. 10/10 will use again.
J crew has a sale! I hit “submit” on a few things I’ve had in my cart waiting! Resisted these, because I already have a pair, but they’re the best.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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