January Tried & Loved

Since we’re at the end of the month (finally! Is it just me or has it been January for 100 years?), I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been loving this month!

Ordering my groceries
I started ordering my groceries during residency, and every once in a while I just think about how many hours it has saved me! Usually I really like wandering through the aisles but from a time-saving perspective it just can’t be beat. I tend to order from SaveOn, but there are lots of options in Vancouver. Bonus is that it really makes me stick to my list, ie no impulse purchases!

Garage workouts
So, surprise surprise, it’s been raining in Vancouver. I’ve had lots going on and haven’t made time to run as much as usual. But enter the garage workout! I just throw on a youtube video or pull up a few circuits from my Pinterest board and I’m good to go! A while back I ordered a set of free weights and a yoga mat and they have been so great for a quick sweat when I just have 20 minutes (or have something on the stove and don’t want to leave the house!)

J crew pajama pants
These are the best! I have multiple pairs! They come in great patterns! That is all.
That’s almost all- just re: sizing I do find them a little short but they’re pj’s and so I don’t mind. I wear a small.

Library books
I have been on a great roll this month! Usually I spend some time every once in a while and add a bunch (like 30!) books to my library hold list, and then just read them as they come up (so much love for the VPL app that lets me do this!). My January reading post has more reviews.

Moisturizer + tint
More love for the best winter combination- this moisturizer has been so wonderful for my skin, and I really like adding this tint in the winter to help give me a little colour! I find with these two (which are so easy to put on) I don’t ever wear foundation.

Everyone in Vancouver seems to have a pair! I resisted for a while but they are just so functional and I love either wearing them with a pair of jeans for the day, or even just to and from wherever I’m going. They’re just so functional!

Batch cooking
Cold weather always makes me want to hole up inside, so I’ve been taking advantage of our new freezer (another love!!) and channeling my energy into cooking. So far I’ve made meatballs, this soup, and these muffins. I also made a big slow cooker batch of chili. It feels great to have things ready to eat if we need something quickly, plus I find cooking so relaxing.

Top photo of Dave’s new kitten Jax, taken by Jan!

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