January Reading

Here’s a list and short review of what I’ve been reading this January! There’s a little bit of something for everyone, I think.

That’s What Frenemies are For by Sophie Littlefield (not pictured because I had to get it back to the library!) I found this book really easy to get through, but it was a little bit predictable. I also felt like the beginning was slower than it needed to be and the ending a bit rushed, but overall I liked it and it provided some food for thought with themes of status, female friendships and the complicated dynamics in a marriage (actually I wish Sophie had spent more time digging into this!)

Lonely Planet Australia! I’m getting excited for our upcoming trip and I love looking through this book- we’ve been before but I’m still discovering new things.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport I think this book might actually need its own full post! I picked it up after seeing some other readers post about it and also seeing that my teenage and young adult patients seemed to be more consumed with anxiety than ever before. I have a hunch that this has a lot to do with the absolutely constant stream of digital content coming at them, and Newport’s book certainly gives some weight to that. In terms of how reading it affected my personal use of technology- stay tuned! But I would highly recommend reading this, for anyone who uses any kind of technology regularly. It was a little slow for me (which might be because I don’t often read non-fiction!) but still worthwhile.

Well Met by Jen DeLuca Normally I am not one for romances, but I liked this sort of modern take on a renaissance romance. There are definitely some steamy bits (had to put it down on the bus!) but at times I also felt it moved a little slowly- it was almost like some parts of the plot took quite a long time to develop, and then towards the last third of the book everything moved much more quickly. Solid 6.5-7/10.

My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan This book is about an American woman who earns a Rhodes scholarship and finds herself spending a year at Oxford. Sounds simple, and in the beginning I expected it to be a light, predictable read. But! The twists! The turns! The poetry references! I really liked it.

Principe Azzurro e Dove Trovarlo [Prince Charming, and Where to Find Him] by Cecile Bertod I bought this book on sale on Amazon as a challenge for myself to improve my Italian. It’s a simple book, so I was optimistic that I could work through it to build my grammar and vocabulary without just studying a textbook. I’m still working on it, but figured I’d include it on the January list since that’s when I started!

Up next on my February list I’m doing a mix of whatever comes up on my hold list and some Kindle reads! I’m thisclose to getting A Gentleman in Moscow off the hold list, so I think that will be in Feb for sure! Stay tuned next month for the rest.

What have you been reading? Any recommendations? xo

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