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On Thrifting

Have you ever gone thrifting? After I started to drop off our extra clothes at our local thrift store, I started looking around.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to have a “low buy” year. I’m ok with purchasing here and there, but I really want to focus on sustainability and avoiding excess.

I’ve been putting some things together for our upcoming vacation, and really wanted to find a denim skirt to take with me. A few days ago after work, I popped into the thrift store down the street to look around. Previously I’ve been overwhelmed going into shops like this- it feels like I need to look through every single thing! This time, though, knowing what I wanted really seemed to help. I walked past all the racks of tops and sweaters and just went straight for the denim and dresses.

I ended up finding a great Levi’s denim skirt, and it fit perfectly (sorry for the cell phone pic, Jan was busy!). Bonus, I also found a beautiful silk dress from Vince with the tags still on! The dress isn’t on the Vince website anymore, but this very similar one is $420! At Turnabout, you can collect points for buying and selling clothes, so after I redeemed some points I ended up spending $19 for these two items.

I’ve been following Andrea, a blogger (and Vancouverite-turned-European!) as she does a lot of thrifting and love when people share their tips and finds. So far, here’s what I’ve found works for me:

My Thrifting Tips
1. Know your approximate size- this really helps cut down on the number of items that you would even look twice at. I know that I’m not going anywhere near size 23 jeans! Once you’ve collected a few things you think would fit you, definitely try them on.
2. If you like how something fits, ask yourself to think of 2-3 outfits you could build with it using things you already have in your closet- sometimes I get excited about a good deal, but realize that it’s not really aligned with my usual style!
3. Go in with a list, or at least an idea of what you want (like me searching for a skirt!)
4. Consider alterations- I would love to be able to sew or mend my own clothing, but for now I get help to make things fit just right. I can fix a button or zipper here and there :- ).

Would you (or do you?) shop at a thrift store? I’m planning on trying it more often! xo

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