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A Little Wedding-Day Lifesaver

I have a confession- I really don’t love it when people take off their shoes at parties! I just think there’s something a little more polished about wearing your shoes for the entire evening, and also am a tiny bit grossed out by the idea of bare feet on a dirty floor (I know, I know, I see a lot more objectively icky things day to day, but this one bugs me).

When we were planning our wedding, I knew that I would be wearing my shoes no matter what, but I also really wanted to be able to enjoy myself- I’m not so crazy that I would force myself to be in pain. For a while I tried wearing heels more in my everyday life, but doctoring and running for the bus and going for lunchtime walks are all things I love to do and also not especially suited to heels.

On one of those days I rushed (as fast as one can rush in heels) home from work to get ready for another event. I slipped my foot into a different heel than I’d worn to work and… it was kind of OK. It dawned on me that it’s not really the heel itself, but the exact shape of the shoe that I needed to change to be comfortable.

So, I bought two pairs of shoes! They are the same height and both worked with the dress, but I changed them halfway through the day! Putting my feet into a different shoe made a huge difference, and no one has mentioned it!

You can see in the photo above that I’m wearing simple white peep toe shoes (from BHLDN), but in these photos later in the day, I’m wearing a strappy sandal! Honestly it was even hard for me to see!

What do you think? Would you give it a try? It was surprisingly easy! xo
Photos by Christine!

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