Who Wakes Up Who? (And Where!?)

For the last year or so I’ve definitely been the early riser of our duo. My alarm goes off anywhere between 5.15 and 5.45, depending on what I have planned to do in the morning.

Usually Jan is planning to get up around an hour later than that, so I always feel a tiny bit bad for waking him up with my alarm so early. I’m pretty quick, so it’s just a brief beep (and sometimes he does sleep through it!) but then I’m up and tiptoeing around trying to get ready (in the pitch black, since the winter sunrise in Vancouver is close to 8 AM!).

Lately I have been hanging either my bathrobe (if I’m just planning to be at home) or my running stuff on the stair railing outside our room the night before, so I can just grab it and change in the bathroom or guest room. I used to attempt to change in the dark in our room, but inevitably that was louder than I intended.

I thought this solution was pretty much the only option, but in the last couple of months a few of my patients have mentioned different things to me. Many women I talked to who wanted to be up early to work/exercise/parent etc. don’t sleep in the same room as their partners! They usually get into bed together at the beginning of the night, but then just before falling asleep will head into a guest room (or sometimes their kids’ rooms). My initial reaction was that it seemed bonkers (sorry, honest reaction!) but then I started to come around to it. “It’s amazing” one patient said. “I get to take up as much room in the bed as I want, there’s never anyone snoring, and neither of us has to worry about waking up the other one!”. On the weekends she will sometimes go back upstairs and climb into bed with her partner in the morning.

Luckily for us we are both fairly good sleepers, so it’s not so much of an issue that I want to wash an extra set of sheets! What do you think? Would you try it?

Top photo of the two of us (and our tiny tent) on a camping adventure on Savary Island in 2018!

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  • Thuis Nieuwpoort
    January 16, 2020 at 5:48 am

    Always sleep together


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