Four Fun Things

Some fun things I’ve been enjoying lately!

My friend Danielle gave me this countertop cleaning solution from Williams Sonoma – she uses it to clean her wedding rings and thought I would like it. It’s such a great hack and I love the scent! You just use a clean toothbrush and a tiny bit of the solution and voila! Shiny rings.

I’m writing a reference letter for a really wonderful colleague and came across this helpful chart, for when it feels like I’ve said “great!” and “wonderful!” too many times in the same paragraph. It’s so interesting to me how writing really feels like a muscle I need to flex- very much “use it or lose it”! Also the comments are funny- do you agree with the order of words?!

I’m using this Glossier plumping cream on my lips (actually it’s for both eyes and lips but honestly my eyes are puffy enough on their own), and I think it’s been helpful! We’re in a really cold stretch here in Vancouver and my lips aren’t as dry as they usually are.

Do you like watching vlogs on YouTube? I recently discovered Anna from The Anna Edit has a YouTube channel, and friends, I went deep. Love discovering new people and also just have a funny love for watching vlogs! Especially in the background while I’m cooking or folding laundry. Do you have any recommendations?

And a bonus- Meghan Markle has been spotted around Vancouver this week! She also visited the DEWC, which is the centre we “Run to Give” for! Think she and Archie need a new GP?! :- )

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