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It is a rare snowy morning in Vancouver and after diving into the first full week of the new year I am ready for the weekend! Who’s with me?!

I found this video thought provoking as I increasingly ask myself what it means to “have it all” and whether, in the classic sense, it’s really possible.

I’m thinking about doing some cooking this weekend since it’s so icky out – this is my go-to chili recipe (although I sometimes will use ground beef instead of turkey), and we love lasagna (because who doesn’t?!)

I watched another video this week about “30 by 30” goals and now I’m thinking about a similar list- since I’ll be 30 soon it seems like that’s not quite the right structure, but I could do something like “20 by 40” or think way longer term and create a “50 by 50” list?!

So many. reading. lists. have been popping up and I love it! Looking forward to sharing my January 2020 reads towards the end of the month. My library hold list is looking great! (and you can find my previous book/reading posts by searching for “books” or clicking here!)

I’ve gotten a ton of wear out of these jeans and the price is definitely right since they’re on sale right now! I love that they’re long enough for me! They’re pretty stretchy and I debated sizing down but went true to size and usually wear with a skinny belt (also on sale!).

We watched this movie last week and I loved it! I’m pretty much always up for a rom-com.

Have a great weekend! xo
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