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Happy Friday! This weekend we’re gonna do a pretty good clean up- I can’t quite decide if it’s time to take the tree down this weekend or if we’ll wait til next weekend. We’re also getting a standup freezer (which I’m so excited about!) so I’m thinking mega organization mode is about to happen around here.

This is a little snapshot of my corner of the internet this week!

I love the storytelling tweets from Sandra Glendinning, a VPD police officer.

This lip mask has been the best all winter- you just put on a layer at night and wake up with super smooth lips! (Also on amazon, if you prefer)

I really love this mini essay/poem/manifesto

Horoscope forecast! (What’s your sign? Do you read horoscopes? I’ve always kind of loved reading mine but don’t really buy into it).

J has been using this app to make instagram stories and I really like it.

I just finished this really great book, if you’re looking for a recommendation. I’m also loving @nycbookgirl on insta for more inspiration! (The illustrations speak to my book-loving heart)

I ate this salad for lunch a few days ago and added toasted hazelnuts and carrot twirls and I could feel myself getting healthier (left out the garlic, because I don’t like it, and the avocado, because I didn’t have one). Yum.

These are the weights I use for my at-home workouts, since I got some questions after yesterday’s fitness post. Thinking of getting this set of bands to use as well.

Have a great weekend! xo
Top photo of a similar salad by veggieandthebeastfeast on Pinterest

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