What’s Your Fitness Routine?

It’s early January and I’m going there! Since it’s the season of getting back into the gym (or whatever your fitness routine is), I’d love to hear about what people usually like to do. My approach is simple: do stuff I like, usually outside, and mostly first thing in the morning.

My routine lately has been a mix of mostly early morning running and bodyweight or light free weight-based strength workouts. For the last few years I’ve been really focused on running, but after a few high mileage years including marathons and ultramarathons, I was feeling more ready to enjoy less structured running in 2019.

I ended up getting more or less into the following routine:

Monday off (Mondays are hard enough!)
Tuesday early AM run, usually with a buddy (because it’s hard to drag your own butt out of bed at 5xx)
Wednesday I usually have a bit of a longer break around midday on Wednesdays because of my teaching and clinic schedule, so I would do a “garage workout” for about 30 mins. I was so surprised at how much a bodyweight-only workout can burn! See a few of my favourite workouts here.
Thursday Another early run day! Usually a meetup with my friend Greg to run down to the RunVan group at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. This is kind of a tough one for me because I love the group and often got pulled along with some faster people, but by the time I’ve run down there, waited to get started etc, run and then headed home it would end up being a 2h endeavour to run something like 10-13km. I’m not sure about keeping it this year because although it’s fun, it’s not efficient.
Friday Definitely a wild card. Sometimes off, sometimes a garage workout. Usually early AM.
Saturday Long walk (I only count this as exercise if >1h) or garage workout. In the warmer months we did a lot of hiking and road biking as well, which I loved! From about October on I skipped many Saturday exercise sessions so it feels a bit bad to count this as part of the routine.
Sunday Traditionally long run day in our house, but as the year wore on I slacked on this a lot more.

This year, I’d love to incorporate more of the road biking and hiking on Saturdays as soon as the weather is ready to cooperate. I’ve given myself a loose goal of 4-5 sessions of something per week, but want to commit to at least three runs (somehow nothing feels quite as good as running!). When it comes to weekday workouts, I’m 100% in the early morning camp! If it doesn’t happen before work it’s probably not happening!

I’ve found there are a few simple ingredients that I need to make exercise stick:
1. Something I like to do– as much as it sounds cool and Vancouver-y to have a regular yoga practice (Ohm!) it is just not really something I enjoy and so I have learned that I won’t make it a priority
2. Something accessible and convenient– running is great because I can just throw on shoes and head out the door. Ditto sort of for the weight in my garage. Getting myself to a gym or class, however, doesn’t work as well for me because it feels like it adds time to the process and sometimes my schedule gets thrown off by a longer clinic. I can’t really stop someone in the middle of a visit because I’m running late to pilates!
3. Inexpensive– I know I’ll feel better about my routine if it doesn’t break the bank. I’ve previously really enjoyed spin classes but usually end up feeling guilty about how much they cost! $20-25 per class is not uncommon around these parts, and that really adds up fast!

Do you have a fitness routine? Are you starting one for the New Year? What works best for you?

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