Happy New Year!

On January 1st, 2017, we started our annual tradition of a New Year’s Day sunrise hike after I had a spur of the moment idea to greet the new year from the top of a mountain. This year was the fourth year in a row that we headed up!

Usually we get packed up the night before, including the 10 essentials. I keep most camping/outdoor gear in a giant tupperware in the garage, so it’s pretty straightforward to get it all out. I also set out the french press and thermoses to make coffee in the morning and prep some snacks (this year featured apple slices, babybel cheese, nuts and chocolate!). We charge up the headlights (I just got this one for Christmas and I love it… rechargeable and super bright!) and set out the snowpants/base layers/wool socks. We usually bring out the snowshoes (I couldn’t find the exact ones we have, so I’ll link to these, which are similar and on sale), but this year there’s been less snow than usual and we used our spikes instead.

We had a really simple New Year’s Eve at home, with homemade pizza, prosecco and a somewhat hard-to-follow Netflix movie (6 Underground.. have you seen it?). We were in bed by about 12:05, which is necessary for a 5:10 AM alarm!

We took an EVO car up to Mount Seymour and stopped to pick up my friends Moira and Erica on the way. We were at the trailhead by about 7.15 and on the way up! The road to Mount Seymour is closed until 7 AM, so although it would be optimal to start a little earlier it’s just not accessible.

The trail was beautiful- after a really rainy and somewhat warmer day in Vancouver yesterday I was worried it would be soggy going but there was lots of fresh snow, especially at the higher elevations. We hiked to our usual spot, Brockton Point, where there is a nice clearing that makes for a beautiful breakfast picnic spot.

By the time we got there around 8.30, the sun was really up and the city was laid out in front of us. We saw lots of other hikers on the way down and enjoyed tobogganing some of the longer slopes as well! Lots of snowshoers did seem to be heading up to the First Pump of Mt. Seymour, but since we didn’t have avalanche equipment (today was “extreme” risk!) and aren’t interested in ending up on the North Shore News, we didn’t go past Brockton.

Unfortunately our trip back to the city was somewhat spoiled by a flat tire! Just off the mountain road there was a loud sound from the rear of the car. We pulled over right away, but since we had an EVO instead of our own vehicle, our only option was to wait for their maintenance. After 2 hours in the cold we were all very frustrated and gave up- luckily a taxi was able to get us home. I was really grumpy about the whole experience with EVO customer service (who tried to insist we wait in the cold!) but am choosing instead to focus on the beautiful sunshine and our otherwise awesome hike. We recovered with the latest breakfast I have ever had, 2:30 PM eggs and hashbrowns at our local place. After eating and getting warmed up I definitely started to feel better.

Here’s hoping the rest of 2020 goes smoothly! I hope you have the happiest of new years! xo

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