Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! I’m dashing off to work this morning and then have a few last minute things to do before we have a family dinner tonight.

I’m cooking our dinner tonight, with lots of company! The plan is for a pot roast (we had soooo much leftover turkey after Thanksgiving that I just wasn’t up for it again) plus mashed potatoes, roasted acorn squash, and a salad. I’m thinking this one but it’s the only dish I don’t have a solid idea for. Might need some last minute googling. Thoughts? I do want to keep it pretty light.

We are debating opening presents tonight or tomorrow morning. My family always opened gifts on Christmas morning (after Santa had come by, of course!) but the Belgians are solidly on the Christmas Eve side. Of course I asked for a little dog (een kleine hondje), so the sooner the better for me :- ). I’m thinking a dog is pretty unlikely and we might just open gifts tonight, but it’s fun to think about what kind of traditions we will make!


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