Wedding Day Sunset

One of the absolute best things we did on our wedding day was take a few moments on our own after dinner- we snuck outside with our photographer, both for a few moments of quiet and also to capture some photos after the ceremony, when the nerves were finally gone :- ).

We were, as you can probably tell from the photos, so happy to just be married! It was amazing to have the time to soak that in together, and feel all those giddy feelings!

It wasn’t too long before our guests noticed we weren’t around and came out to the patio to watch the photoshoot happening on the dock below.

We walked to the edge by the water and took a few portraits, which I absolutely love and can’t wait to have framed (PS- aside from putting your wedding photos in an album, did you frame them and put them anywhere?)

I loved the beautiful water and the glowy light and my handsome new husband. We wrapped up and headed back upstairs to rejoin the fun.

And with that I’ve shared our wedding photos! I say this all the time but it was the most wonderful day and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. xoxo!

Photos by Christine (seriously the best- this was her idea!). Venue: UBC Boathouse. Dress: Theia “Devon“. Veil: Jane Rhyan “Rosie”. Shoes are from BHLDN. Jan’s suit is custom by Armani. My hair by Christina of Nuovo Beauty, and jewellery borrowed from my Mom.

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