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It’s Friday! This week has simultaneously flown by and felt very busy over here! Lots of last minute Christmas-related fun, plus J’s Mom and Dad arrived yesterday to spend the holiday with us, so the house feels warm and full.

Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this week!

I was talking to a friend and his son about favourite childhood books that we thought stood the test of time. I said The Giver, but then I saw this article and remembered A Wrinkle in Time! Both great.

I love Camille Rowe’s accent in general and this video is perfect French beauty (but. Also seems like it takes too long to be practical).

I bought a leather pouch to hold my pens from Madewell this week (on sale!) and also have had and loved their transport tote forever. The laptop case looks so buttery!

We celebrated our sweet neighbour’s birthday with bday DONUTS this week! We just popped candles on the donuts right in the box and it was really lovely and low key (and soo yummy).

My super sweet friend and colleague bought me this book and I spent an hour just pouring through the recipes. Her gift included all the supplies I’d need to get started, plus some of her sourdough starter. What a great gift! And I can’t wait to get baking this weekend.

We watched a video about the man behind El Primo taco stand and now I need to go to Austin.

A friend asked for an idea for a gift from Santa to her 6 year old daughter, and I suggested a fish (plus castle!), because 6-year-old me would have loved it. For our toddler friends I picked up a copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, another childhood favourite. What would you get?

We’re doing a really simple charcuterie board featuring a bigggg wheel of brie tonight and I am here for it. Photo above from last night’s spread, which I happily ate for dinner with a salad (because balance).

Have a wonderful Friday! I hope your weekend is a cozy start to a restful holiday week!

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