Do You Have Any Podcast Recommendations?

What are you listening to these days? I need some new ideas for drizzly commutes and easy runs.

It can be hard to find a good podcast and so I’m always hunting for recommendations. Here’s what I’m listening to these days:

In the car (or rare quiet bus moments)
Best of Both Worlds (Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger) This is a podcast about balancing work and family life. It really tackles the idea that women can “have it all”, which sometimes I’m not 100% sure I buy. It’s also pretty kid-centric, which doesn’t apply to me but which I sometimes like to use because being a family doc often means fielding a lot of questions about kids and parenting. Laura and Sarah do have interesting guests and I’ve become more thoughtful about my own time management.
Marriage, Kids and Money (Andy Hill) This is an odd podcast to be in my collection because 1) I don’t have kids, and 2) I’m not American, but I think a lot of the principles can apply to anyone who is conscious of their financial strategy. It has made me ask myself questions about our finances (and go hunting for the Canadian answers!)

While running (or walking)
Ali on the Run Show (Ali Feller) Ali has a great podcast with a variety of different guests all centred around running. Guests range from weekend warriors to professional runners and they are usually pretty interesting! Plus it’s nice to hear people gush about running when I’m struggling through a long run.
Science Vs. (Gimlet Media) This is a great show that I can get sucked into, which is another nice distraction on a run (or quiet commute). Essentially they use an approachable but scientific approach to break down fads/trends/urban legends/internet pseudoscience to tell you how things really work! Some great topics like the “fertility cliff” and fasting diets.

Around the house (or in the background)
Stuff You Should Know (Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark) This is just really cool stories about… stuff you should know! (and yet stuff that I almost never know before listening). Episodes are hugely variable in topic, and I’ve learned about everything from invasive species to the “five second” rule.
The Cut on Tuesdays (Molly Fischer/Gimlet Media + New York Magazine) Lots of politics and pop culture and current events. This one is specifically focused on women’s voices in these areas, which I like! Sometimes I skip an episode if it seems too focused on American politics.
Life Kit (NPR) I actually find this stuff more practical stuff you should know! They cover real tips for budgeting, managing your house/life, eating well, using your time, and more. Episodes tend to be a little shorter, mostly in the 20 minute range, which I also like.

Previously Loved
Serial (Sarah Koenig) I tore through season one of Serial when it first came out! If you haven’t listened, it’s the original true crime podcast that tries to get to the bottom of a case that is not so clear after all. Would be really great for a car trip – just be sure you have time to listen to a bunch of episodes because you won’t want to stop!
This American Life (NPR) I used to listen more to this podcast, which is loosely structured around stories- about people, things, etc. It’s been around for a long time and I think of it as the archetypal podcast in my head. Also great for long car trips or relaxing.

What would you add? When do you listen to podcasts?

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