What’s Your Word?

A little while ago, when Jan was away on a business trip, I absentmindedly turned on Netflix in the background. Eat, Pray, Love came on, and of course I got sucked in and sat down to watch. During a scene in Rome, Liz (Julia Roberts) asks for a word to describe every city, and then every person tries to decide on their own world.

The only word Liz can come up with is writer, which of course the group points out is what she does, but not necessarily her word. They leave it at that, until near the end of the movie, when Liz decides that her word is “attraversiamo”- a pretty word meaning “let’s cross over”.

So I was sitting on my couch, thinking “hey! What’s my word?” Somewhat along the same lines as Liz I started with “doctor”, but while that felt accurate it didn’t necessarily feel whole. I moved on to “chocolate”, because some days I really am made of sugar, but that felt superficial. I like the idea of my word being a verb. Maybe something like “go”? (Too simple). “Love” feels daunting. “Steady” and “classic” sort of seem intimidating, like they have big expectations but also don’t leave a lot of room for imperfection.

I’ve been tossing around “early” and “even”, and also “pamplemousse” which means “grapefruit” and just sounds nice to say.

I think, though, I’ve settled on “warm”.

Now I want to know- what’s your word? It’s harder than it seems!

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