Do You Have a Gifting Strategy?

For the last couple of years I’ve been honing my Christmas gift getting strategy, and last year decided that I needed to expand it to cover the rest of the year, too.

For Christmas, I usually try to figure out everyone on my list a few weeks before Black Friday. I like to poke around online and in stores and think about what I might like to get for them. Then I set up a tracker in my bullet journal- it has a column for name and one for gift, and then 4 check-box columns: order/buy, delivered, wrapped, mailed. Some gifts (like for J!) obviously don’t need to be mailed, but since we both have family far away, it helps to have it listed.

Before the “gifts” column was filled in, for obvious reasons!

This year I wasn’t exactly on the ball, but usually I also make our Christmas card before Black Friday so I can order them when a sale comes on. I use Zazzle, which is also where we ordered our wedding stationary. My favourite photos to choose are from our snowshoeing trips to Cypress or Seymour! Here are the last couple.

One of my favourite things to do is to treat myself to fancy wrapping paper and stationary- I order a bunch of cards for the year (birthdays, anniversary, a few blank ones) and any other fun stationary I think I might like. Last year I got these cute Lunch Notes that I sometimes slip into Jan’s lunch :- ). I put them in our gift wrapping box (we have one of those giant tupperware containers with ribbon, paper, tissue, bags etc).

Last year I also popped in a few things that I can grab for a last minute gift just in case I forgot (wine, candles, fancy soaps, scarves). Then, through the year, I’ve been digging into the card and present stash and just picked up a couple of new things (and new cards!) when I’m running low. My favourite places to get cards are Mr. Boddington’s, Rifle Paper Co and Papersource online, or Plenty and Much & Little in Vancouver.

Do you have a system for gifting?

Top image via Mr. Boddington’s. Snowshoeing photos by Jan!

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