How Do You Get Your News?

The other day I was down a youtube rabbit hole, of course, and a Stephen Colbert monologue came up. Every few months I get into the groove of watching a few of the late shows at night, but I don’t have a routine way of getting the news.

I’ve tried a few things so far. Sometimes when I get up, I ask our robot to tell me the news, and Alexa reads the headlines from CBC (both Vancouver and National). This is somewhat problematic because a) it’s only the headlines, b) I’m usually distracted and c) I often forget.

For a long while, I subscribed to an email newsletter called the Skimm, but it’s very American and sometimes comes across a little bit dumbed down. I find myself just deleting it, or opening it briefly and skimming it quickly. I would like something with more depth and a focus on Canadian and international issues. I would love a high quality source that also had some content focused on Vancouver or the west-like BC/Alberta.

In a fantasy world, I would get up and have an extra 45 minutes to read the newspaper (but which newspaper?!), which has magically materialized on my doorstep. I would also still have time to do everything else I like to in the morning, and feel like the schedule is relaxed enough that I can concentrate on the paper.

What’s your strategy for staying up to date?

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