Last Minute Gift Ideas

Even though I’m definitely a planner at heart, there are always a few last people on my Christmas list come mid-December.

I’ve put together a couple of ideas that might be helpful for my Canadian friends that need things to arrive lickety-split! Everything listed here will arrive in time for Christmas (according to their shipping info :- ) PS: Now is definitely the right time to activate a Prime free trial, if you haven’t already!

For Your Mom
A luxurious face serum that you might steal a few drops of when you come to visit
Blue light filtering glasses (Peepers!) for more comfortable screen time
A cozy teddy coat to wear with jeans
Special supplies to keep her sweaters beautiful (also this make a huge difference!)
A little set to keep herbs fresh in the kitchen – and these make prep a cinch.
The most luxurious bathrobe, for slow Sunday mornings

For Your Dad
Comfortable headphones for 80’s music
Cozy slippers that are sturdy enough to handle taking out the recycling
A tiny printer, for saving all those selfies you send him
Travel cubes that will keep him (mostly) organized on the go
An espresso machine, since he gets up early to squeeze in a few extra minutes with you (or this one, for early mornings that are fancy :- )

For Your Sister
A face roller that you totally won’t steal
The best brush for good hair days (it has 2500 reviews!)
Leopard sneakers because why not!?
The best basic turtleneck (I wear mine all the time)
A batch of delicious cookies that you baked just for her
Perfect pants (or cashmere joggers!)

For the Kiddos + Teens
The toy that every kid seems to love
Adorable muslin swaddling blankets in every pattern (the toucan!)
A bundle of books they can enjoy over and over (little kids, big kids, bigger kids)
The coolest t shirt (or a basic set)
An awesome racecar (ooh or the fire truck!)
A message board, since teens communicate better by text anyway :- )

For Your Husband
A warm sweater that he can pull off at work or on a hike
Funny socks, to make you both smile in the morning
Supplies to make his favourite dessert!
A metal straw, because you’re both thinking about reducing your footprint
Anything camera related, because more glass is better (right, Jan?!)

For Everyone Else Who’s IMPOSSIBLE To Shop For
Something for the home cook
Something for the outdoor enthusiast
Something for the (environmentally conscious!) voracious reader
Something for the weekend warrior
Something for the woman on the move

Stocking Stuffers
The best coffee (or tea!) keep-cup
Confetti High 5, for celebrating!
Cute scrunchies for a tiny bit of luxury on an ordinary day
Chocolate in fun flavours, since everyone likes chocolate.

For You :- )
A desktop charging stand, for when you forget to charge your watch overnight
A new bullet journal for next year’s lists!
A beautiful coffee tumbler
Laneige lip mask, the beauty product with a cult following (or the my favourite moisturizer)
White sneakers, which go with anything

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! xo
Top image via Pinterest


  • Kristy
    November 15, 2020 at 5:24 pm

    Where did you get this wrapping paper from?


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