What Are Your Christmas Traditions?

Do you have any special Christmas (or another holiday you celebrate) traditions with your family? This is our first one since getting married, and I’ve been thinking about what things will become our family traditions.

For the past couple of years, especially when we’ve celebrated in the city, we’ve put up a real Christmas tree in the living room. I love the evergreen scent and twinkly lights, and Jan has worked it out so that you can say “Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree”, and it works, which everyone loves!

I often also bake cookies for friends and family- some of the recipes that already feel like they’re part of the “usuals” are Italian wedding cookies, cantucci (like short biscotti with almonds!) and mini sandwich cookies. This year I’m also doing gingerbread, turtles (which I love any time of year) and rolled nutella cookies. I put a few types of each into Christmas tins or boxes and voila! A simple gift for parties and dinners and tea with girlfriends.

One tradition we have definitely already settled into is our New Year’s Day. As a morning person, I am not always the best at staying awake until the wee hours, so we usually make it to 12:30 or so and then get to sleep. The trade-off, though, is that we are up around 5 (yes, 5) and over to Mt. Seymour or Mt. Cypress to start hiking up by 7. We can usually get to a peak or lookout in time for the sunrise, and greeting the new year from the top of a mountain always feels magical. Afterwards, we do brunch and a nap!

What about you? Any traditions you already have? Or would like to start? xo

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