Wearing This Week

Every once in a while I find myself stuck in the morning on what to wear- either my brain isn’t powered up yet, or I’m rushing to get dressed between running and getting out the door. So, I started doing this funny thing.

aritzia sweater, aday shirt, j brand jeans

Sometimes, I snap a photo or write a note about my outfit for the day! I don’t mean like fancy “outfit of the day” posts, I mean grainy, dark, head-or-feet-or-both cut off, just so I can remember what I put together.

thrifted blouse, j crew turtleneck, and j brand jeans

If you’re thinking about decreasing the size of your closet, I highly recommend doing this for 1-2 weeks every season. Try to capture a variety of situations (work, home, out/weekend, etc). Then, you can look back at things you tended to wear, without planning. The pieces you grab the most should obviously stay, and you can use that information to decide what you can opt to sell/donate/repurpose.

Here are a few outfits I wore this week:

Day 1: Seeing patients in the morning, then working on admin/teaching/ordering our Christmas cards(!) in the afternoon (actual outfit selfie pictured above- I just love the aday shirt!)

Day 2: Full day of seeing patients, then straight to a dinner meeting

Day 3: Running errands, bopping around the house, meeting up with friends

Do you have a closet-tracking system? Am I the only one whose brain needs this kind of help to get ready?

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