Staying Organized

Do you have a system for staying organized? A few summers ago I started a bullet journal, and haven’t looked back since.

A bullet journal is essentially a hybrid journal and planner. It lets you create spreads that work for how you like to plan. The system includes a daily check in, where you confirm that you’ve completed all your tasks, migrate them to another day, or cancel them totally.

While I use my journal to keep track of daily and weekly to-do lists, I also use it to track habits, work on goal setting, free-journal, and draw. Sometimes I print out articles or passages I love, and often I paste in little photos from the month using our HP Sprocket printer.

My absolute favourite thing about the system is the flexibility. Each month, I always include a monthly title page, weekly spreads broken down by day (but with the weekend combined) + including a meal plan, plus a habit tracker and overview for this month and next. Other than that, I add whatever I want!

Of course, I love stationary, and always use the same notebook (a Leuchtturm1917 A5 dot-grid notebook in navy), and when I’m done I write the dates of the book along the side in silver sharpie. For inside, I usually draw/colour with crayola supertips and zebra midliners. I write with PaperMate felt tip or Sakura Pigment Micron pens for titles, and all my notes or actual writing is with Muji 0.38 pens in black ink. For calligraphy or script practice, I like Tombow Fudenosuke dual brush pens.

Sometimes I add little decorative extras, too, like stickers, washi tape borders or fun paper.

Do you have a system for staying organized? Somehow Jan keeps it all in his brain (mind literally blown).

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