Did You Change Your Name After Getting Married?

Growing up, most of the married women around me used their husbands’ names (nope, didn’t know any non husband/wife couples), and I always sort of assumed I would, too.

As our wedding drew nearer and I started to think about the logistics of changing my name, I began with making a list- passport, credit card, etc… ok. But soon I came to some sticky ones. What should I do with my email address? Could I really switch out my library card (the first thing that made me feel like I lived in Vancouver instead of visiting)? What about the fact that I use my signature a zillion times a day?

Then, slowly, I found that I was pretty attached to my maiden name. It felt strange to toss it aside in favour of a brand new one, 29 years later. Hyphenating was a nonstarter, and I have heard of couples combining their names to make a new one, but that didn’t feel right, either.

on the beach on our honeymoon on a tiny island in Fiji (and long wedding hair for me!)

Luckily, the ever-easygoing Jan didn’t mind. Where he’s from, women don’t usually change their names, and he felt ok either way.

So, I ended up with a hybrid situation. I kept my maiden name for all work-related things (office, email, etc) and have been using my married name for everything else. I thought it would be confusing, but actually it’s pretty straightforward.

Did you (or would you) change your name?

Top photo of Jan and me at the wedding of my beautiful friends Jen and Pat in Ontario!

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