The Dinner Dilemma

Jan and I tackle most household things (like finances or cleaning) as a team, but around groceries and meal prep and actually cooking, we have been much more divide-and-conquer.

Usually, I will plan our meals a week in advance, taking into account who is working late or when we might have other plans. I write down the lunches and dinners in my planner- we don’t plan breakfast but always have our favourite staples on hand. Then, based on the plan and what’s already in the fridge/pantry, I make a grocery list. We usually go together to get groceries, or on weekends I work, Jan will go. I batch cook what I can on Sundays, and then we go from there.

This was a great system for its planning, but only really worked for me. On nights when Jan got home first and could start dinner, he wasn’t always sure what we were having, or how to make it. Plus, he couldn’t just call or text me if I was seeing patients. So, in October we decided to try goodfood, a kit that gets delivered to your door. Once per week, on Fridays, we get a box with three meals in it (you can get more if you like!) and we use those meals through the week. I saw a discount code on instagram (not sponsored!) and figured I’d see how it goes. Scroll to the bottom if you’d like to try for $50 off!

The absolute best part is the really simple instructions, which means we’re actually cooking together! One night I even came home to Jan putting out a complete dinner of fresh fish tacos (!) and did a literal happy dance.

I was worried that the delivery wouldn’t be cost effective, but it really is, especially since we keep our other meals simple. And you guys- I was skeptical. A box of 3 meals for 2 is 74$ (12.30/person) and we often have some leftover bits. Using the system above and some other tips, we can usually keep the rest of our groceries to 50-60$. Out of 20 meals (5 dinners and 5 lunches each), we usually eat out for 2-3 of them (J attending lunches at work or getting takeout sushi on Friday evening :-). Works out to about 6.70 per meal, not counting breakfast!

I also love that goodfood cares about the planet- everything in the kit is recyclable, including the box it comes in, so I feel a bit better about using small quantities. And they give you what you need, so I’m not buying a huge bunch of cilantro and only using 5 stems. (Raise your hand if there is wilting cilantro/parsley/basil in your fridge right now).

we ate this last night! cucumber + arugula salad, spiced bulgur, seared chicken tikka and a cucumber raita sauce!

Also- you can pause your boxes whenever you want. I skipped the week of Thanksgiving, and when my Mom was visiting earlier this month. You can also select your meals from a menu way in advance, making my planning self very happy!

If you send me a note or leave a comment, I’ll send you a referral code to take 50$ off your goodfood order! Or, if you’d like to sign up, goodfood is having a pretty great Black Friday sale (5 free meals in your first kit with code BLACKFRIDAY5).

Top image via goodfood instagram. This post is not sponsored but if you click through using my link I will get a credit from the company. Thanks! xo

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