Watching Lately

I’ve been enjoying a bunch of shows lately and thought I’d share! Plus I’m always looking for recommendations for what to check out next.

Atypical on Netflix
This show is about Sam, a teenager living with autism, and his family. There are lots of ups and downs for everyone and the acting is great. Plus, there is a wonderful mix of sweet moments and laugh-out-loud comedy. There are three seasons so far!

Modern Love on Amazon Prime
I might be late to the party on this one, but so far we’ve watched the first couple of episodes of Modern Love, which is based on essays submitted to the original Modern Love column in the NYT. There is also an updated book of selected essays, which I put on my library hold list! The show is easy to watch and feels relatable. Each episode has different actors, but they also manage to feel cohesive.

Gourmet Makes on Youtube
I love putting on Youtube in the background when I’m puttering around the house, but I almost always sit down to watch this series. Bon Appetit has a whole channel about the editors in their NYC test kitchen. In this show, Claire (a pastry chef) is tasked with re-creating favourite candy/snack foods. She is funny and often frustrated and there is great cheerleading from her colleagues. Standout episodes include Ferrero Rocher, m&m’s, and Pringles! (Also close runner up is the show “It’s Alive“, with Brad!)

I also love shorter Youtube series/videos, like CNBC Make It’s Millennial Money, Basics with Babish, and almost anything on the Financial Diet!

What are you watching?

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