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A few months ago I started feeling like I needed to streamline getting dressed in the morning, and I also was wearing the same few things a lot so I… got rid of half my clothes.

By now it’s probably becoming more obvious that I like efficiency. I was noticing myself waking up, sometimes a bit tired, and feeling like there were better things (so many morning things!) that I could be spending my energy on than trying to pick an outfit. For a while, I tried choosing outfits in the evening, but just like making lunches at night or working an evening shift, by about 8 PM my brain is done.

It turns out, I was wearing the same few items over and over anyway.

Now, I stick to a few simple rules:

1- Steady state: when I get something new, something old goes out
I’ll talk a little more about this in an upcoming Finance post, but one great reason to always keep my closet pared down is that everything in a closet represents dollars and cents! When I bring in something new, I look for the item it’s replacing OR an item that I am not really wearing. If I have the extra time, I will post it on Facebook marketplace, but if not (much more realistic) I take it to my local consignment shop (Turnabout, for my Vancouver friends!). And guys, I have freed up a lot of money by doing this over the past year!

2- A consistent palette: I wear mostly basics: black, white, navy, dark green, grey, denim and camel. Most things in my closet match everything else.
I LOVE looking at the jcrew instagram or seeing other creative (beautiful!) outfits, but I really do not stand in my closet at 5 or 6 AM and put together a complicated outfit with layers and patterns and mixed prints. Now most things match everything else, so it’s usually straightforward (and makes packing quick!).

3- Maximal use: I buy multiples of something I love in additional colours when it’s on sale
Do you know that feeling when you have something in your closet that you thought you would love, or wear a lot, but it pretty much just sits there? I want to be sure when I get something new that I’ll wear it a lot so… I get a lot of things I already know I like!

I haven’t gone full capsule wardrobe- I love the idea of paring way down, like Caroline (un-fancy) or Anna (the Anna Edit) but I find that the variety of (mostly) work situations I find myself in is a bit of a barrier. I do recognize that I could probably make it work with a bit more effort but haven’t got there yet.

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