More About Mornings

Based on the traction this little blog has developed, it seems that people really like to read about mornings. Well, ok- I have a lot of thoughts about them!

Yesterday (Monday) I woke up at 5.15 and baked a loaf of pumpkin bread for J to take to work. Every Monday he leads a meeting for his team and way back I started making a treat on Sundays. It didn’t happen this weekend for a variety of reasons so I migrated it to Monday morning. The bread was in the oven by 5.50, and I made some coffee and sat down to write yesterday’s blog post.

It took me about an hour to write the post, choose some photos, and bop around the internet for a bit. I put together our lunches (OK so I failed at making them completely on Sunday night, which was my goal, but all the parts were ready and I just had to put it together so I’m letting it go). Around 7 I headed back upstairs, took the last of the laundry out of the dryer, made a mental note to fold it that night, and got ready for work.

I love that we start our day together, even if it is only 500m to the bus stop where we part ways! I do not love that it is dark at 8 AM, but… Vancouver

Everyone was downstairs by 7.25, and after coffee and breakfast we were out the door around 7.50, which was perfect because I had my first patient a little early at 8.45 and I wanted to churn through some paperwork first.

I was feeling pretty accomplished when I got out the door yesterday, but there are a few things I did not do:
1. Exercise – I feel OK about this because Mondays for me are usually a planned rest/non-exercise day BUT I also recognize it wouldn’t really fit that well.
2. Journal – maybe if you are someone who likes to block your time you can tell me how you manage this. Sometimes I set aside time for a particular task and then I’m not in the mood to do it. When it’s something that doesn’t require mental effort, like cleaning or sending an email, I just push through and do it anyway. But when I need to be in a certain “zone”, like for journaling or academic reading, I find I used to waste time trying to make myself do it. So even though I could have sat down and banged out the post in 35 mins yesterday, it took me closer to 60, and I only opened my journal to confirm my to-do list and update a few things when I’d been at work for an hour-ish. Should I have pushed myself to do this when I had planned to? The day worked out totally fine, but maybe I would have been slightly more efficient if I’d mapped it out a few hours earlier, or maybe I would have been able to do some good free-form journalling.
3. Work- this is a doozy and probably warrants its own post, but I am having a hard time with working at work and not working at home (ie I always have my EMR open and it is not ok). Part of this is the incessant stream of labs and reports and questions and forms that come in and my desire to keep up (honestly on the order of 40-60 new items in my work inbox daily) and part is also my desire to be available to my patients BUT… healthy? sustainable?

Also I sort of fell into the trap of “this has to get done today so it’s happening now” versus “I am choosing to spend this time doing very specific things with a lot of intention”- although the pumpkin bread only really took 20ish mins of active time. And ultimately is something I really like to do, not that I must, the way I have to work etc.

SO. Questions. Do you work at home? How do you spend your time in the mornings (or whatever your limited and most productive time is)? How do you force yourself to do things you’ve scheduled (or do you)? WILL I MAKE LUNCHES TONIGHT?

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